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We’re living through a global crisis which has affected almost every part of our daily lives. 

For the young people we work with at Carney’s Community, already chaotic lives have suddenly turned upside down. Many of these young people are living with a number of problems, including neglect, violence at home, mental or physical health issues, disability, drug/ alcohol abuse, family breakdown and abuse. Being unable to leave their homes for long periods will intensify these problems and make already difficult home situations worse. 

Their visits to Carney’s Community have in the past provided the extra support many of them so badly need. So now, despite a huge drop in donations and other income, we’re doing our best to adapt, and continue our vital work.


We’re responding to this crisis by redesigning our services to continue doing what we do, even while our centre stays closed. We are:

  • Staying in close contact with the most vulnerable young people, giving them a safe space to talk and responding to their changing needs;
  • Running boxing training through Instagram and setting up weekly challenges;
  • Maintaining vital social contact through weekly group sessions (quizzes, tournaments, youth club) online;
  • For the most vulnerable, doing one-to-one training and mentoring, either online, or in a local park, maintaining safe distance;
  • Arranging deliveries of food and other basic essentials where needed;
  • Providing tips and ideas for good physical and mental health whilst at home.

We are working to engage young people in positive and constructive activities. We know that exercise produces feel good hormones, which are a good alternative to illegal drugs and reduce aggression. We’re supporting young people’s mental health during lockdown, helping to reduce stress and providing an outlet for frustration and worry. We also provide a continued sense of belonging to a safe community. 


We’ve already lost 100% of certain funding streams and many planned fundraising events have been cancelled for the coming months. We rely on these funds to keep providing the support so badly needed in our community.

You can make a difference, by donating today, providing us with vital funds so we can continue supporting the most vulnerable young people throughout this crisis. You can give today here.

Perhaps think about the money you’ve saved on commuting, coffees or going out for dinner, and donate what you can afford here. Any amount will make a huge difference to Carney’s Community and our young people during this unprecedented time. 

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving


Please stay safe and stay at home. 

All our best wishes,