The majority of the young people we work with reduce or stop offending. Many go on to find education or employment.

After only a few sessions Carney’s managed to engage a number of the borough’s most prolific gang members, who we have struggled to engage in other activities. I have also been impressed with the consistency of support that is offered by Carney’s Community, who continually provide support for as long is needed and wanted by their participants.

The most important outcomes of Carney’s Community so far have been the retention and engagement of at-risk young people and linking them into employment and education opportunities that are on offer in the borough. Cliff Hilderly, Wandsworth Borough Early Intervention Team

A central element of our work is the ‘virtuous cycle’ where we encourage young people who have benefitted from the project to give something back, either to Carney’s Community or through positive community engagement.

Many of our beneficiaries have become ‘Carney’s Coaches’, training as boxing coaches and earning Boxing Tutor Award and/or the Junior Boxing Organiser Award qualifications. You can read detailed testimonials and case studies about our work here.


Youth crime and anti-social behavior cost the UK Government at least £4bn a year. The average cost to hold someone in a Young Offender Institution is estimated at £47,137, but this estimate is conservative as it doesn’t take into account the social costs (estimated at £6,400 per crime) and the actual cost of the criminal offense committed by each young person.

Furthermore (due to the high reoffending rates of young people) a young person in the Criminal Justice System costs the taxpayer over £200,000 by the time they reach the age of 16.

If we prevent just three young people from re-offending over three years, our project pays for itself in terms of social return on investment.

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