Boxing Sessions


  • Get fit and learn boxing
  • Only £5 a session
  • Support the local Community
  • Break down barriers

Come to our boxing sessions led by Carney’s participants and ex-boxers.

Our coaches and trainers have overcome significant barriers to become fully qualified and are committed to giving back to the community.

The money from sessions goes to paying the coaches and any profit goes towards funding more young people’s training qualifications.


Mixed Session – Tuesdays @ 5.30pm – 6.30pm
Mixed Session – Thursdays @ 5.30pm – 6.30pm
Mixed Session – Saturdays @ 12.00pm- 1.00pm

Carney’s Community Centre
30 Petworth Street
SW11 4QW

What you can expect from a Carney’s Coaches session?

Expect to be pushed! But…still keep a smile on your face.

We are not about fancy high tech gyms and posing in front of the mirror – we aim to make you feel good about yourself in an environment that will start to feel like your second home.

That’s not to say we don’t have a gym to be proud of – Its home to a full sized Boxing ring, several punch bags, cardio machines, free weights, circuit and bodyweight equipment which allows us to adapt to any style of workout.

Our coaches enjoy keeping you on your toes and inventing new ways to spice up your boxing session and see real improvements in your fitness.

You will be taught to box whilst improving all aspects of fitness from cardio vascular to technique to strength and conditioning.

All sessions start with a varied warm up and move onto pad work, bag work, circuits, skipping and even sparring for those who wish to put their newly acquired boxing skills into practice. We don’t have a set routine that is followed session after session – we plan them in a way that will surprise you and keep you switched on and not counting down the seconds to the final bell.

Session Times

We currently have three mixed sessions running on Tuesdays at 5.45-6.45pm, Thursdays at 5.30pm to 6.30pm and Saturdays at 12-1pm.

Booking for these sessions is not necessary at this moment in time but will be in the near future.

If you would like to book a new personal training or group session please ask one of our coaches or contact us at

Keep an eye on our timetable for new sessions!

All you need to bring to start is some standard gym clothes, trainers and you’re ready to start.


  • All Social Enterprise Sessions cost £5 per person.
  • Personal Training Session prices are agreed between the Coach and Client with £10 being reinvested into the Charity.
  • Group sessions can be arranged and are charged according to numbers/content.

The Coaches

Carney’s Coaches have all shown an exceptional level of commitment in setting up our social enterprise and also in helping to the local community. All have been taught to box by coaches at the historic Fitzroy Lodge Amateur Boxing Club in Lambeth – home to many local, national and World Champions. Our coaches have furthered their knowledge by completing Level 2 and 3 gym Instructor Courses and constantly seek to advance their sporting education by keeping up with the latest training trends and inventing many of their own.

Carney’s Community is such an inspiring place I remember the first time I came in I was welcomed by everyone and felt immediately connected.

The boxing sessions are led by amazing coaches who are always willing to help but what is so special about Carney’s is definitely the spirit of mutual supportiveness, I’ve learnt so much since I joined and I’m still learning. 

Sabrina, Participant

Important Questions

Who can come to our sessions?
Anyone over 16 years old – we have a wide array of participants at a sessions, some young, some old, men, women, completely novices, experienced boxers and people with disabilities. We are aim to get people from all walks of life involved and gain a real benefit out of our sessions.

Do I need to bring any special equipment for training (Gloves, ropes, etc.)
No – just bring yourself, some gym kit and trainers. If you start to train on a regular basis it’ll be worth buying some hand wraps and gloves of your own but not as necessity as we have loads of gear.

Can I take part if I have a medical condition or complaint?
If you make us aware of the medical issue beforehand we can check how it will affect your training and any limitations it may place on you taking part in the session. Everyone taking part must first complete a PAR Q medical form and informed consent form.

Is there any paperwork I need to complete?
Yes, we ask you to complete a short registration pack which includes the PAR Q and informed consent and is all stored confidentially. You must sign the register for each session so we can keep track of our numbers.

Background to Carney’s Coaches 

Carney’s Coaches is a Social Enterprise that has grown out of the Battersea based Charity Carney’s Community (number 1150650). The charity was set up in memory of a local community hero, Mick Carney MBE, who turned around many lives through boxing. Having worked with both George Turner, an experienced youth worker and Mark Reigate, a trained boxing coach (who Mick and boxing had saved from a life of crime), Mick had the idea of a project which used boxing to engage disadvantaged young people, combined with mentoring, to support young people to become ‘the best they can be’ in all areas of life. George and Mark had started putting the idea into action on a small scale, when Mick passed away in 2011. George and Mark then decided to make the project official and named the charity Carney’s Community to carry on Mick’s legacy.

Several of our beneficiaries, who had all positively engaged with Carney’s Community and were committed to turning their lives around, were struggling to find work. With funding and mentoring support from Carney’s Community, our participants trained as boxing coaches and earned Boxing Tutor Awards and / or the Junior Boxing Organiser Award qualifications. Whilst managed and overseen by Carney’s Community staff, the coaches now take the lead in creating lesson plans, recruiting participants and delivering boxing sessions. Naturally this has progressed and a social enterprise was created through the help and commitment of these individuals. They now run several sessions a week on a regular basis and have worked up a list of happy clients who they train on a personal or group level. By attending these sessions’ people are not just improving their personal health and fitness but they are helping to break down barriers, aid social cohesion and improve the local community.


Seven Carney’s Community volunteer coaches successfully delivered a summer scheme in 2013 at Fitzroy Lodge Amateur Boxing Club as part of a corporate social responsibility initiative sponsored by South London Procurement Network (SLPN).

The coaches delivered a boxing fitness training program for over 30 young people, for two hours a day, three days a week for two weeks.

Carney’s Community volunteers

They created lesson plans, recruited the young people and delivered each session. They were also all trained, and got qualified, in the Boxing tutor Award and/or the Junior Boxing Organiser Award.

These participants have really excelled through the training given by the volunteers, and it has been fantastic to see their commitment and dedication. They have learnt so many skills through this summer scheme that they can now take to employers in the local area. We are also thrilled to see that three of the volunteer coaches have already managed to gain paid employment since starting the project. (George Turner)

Boxing tutor Award

The SLPN was set up by Shell Centre developers Qatari Diar and Canary Wharf Group last year, to boost business for companies located in South London. Awards to the most committed participant and the most dedicated coach were donated by Big J’s Kitchen and clothing label London Go Getters.

This project has helped to show me what I am capable of and also to help me to motivate the young people who have trained so hard over the past two weeks. (Andre Sterling, Volunteer Carney’s Coach)