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Here at Carney’s we currently have a number of brave (read ‘mad’) people who are undertaking a number of challenges to fund raise for Carney’s Community.

We have no statutory funding, so we are dependent on private donations. As a result we always like to get behind those who fund raise for us, and know lots of our supporters do too.

So have a look at the list below of current Carney’s Community supporters currently fundraising and, if you feel like it, head over to their donation pages to give them a little bit of financial motivation! All money goes towards (what we like to think is!) a brilliant cause.

Paul Delaney – Ultra Marathon

Paul DPaul is the chair of trustees for Carney’s Community, so as if he doesn’t do enough for us already, this weekend he will be running an ‘Ultra-Marathon’ to fund raise for us. For those of you who don’t know what that is (we didn’t either!) that’s a 55km race! He runs this weekend, so check out his fundraising page here!

British Vitality 10k – Junior and Tracy

VitalityJunior is one of our senior coaches at Carney’s community and Tracy is our admin manager. They will both be taking part in the British Vitality 10k next weekend to fund raise for us. For Tracy this is the first time she will have taken part in anything like this, and has been training extra hard in preparation. Reward all her hard work by checking out and donating to her page here. You can also view and support Junior via his page here.

Arthur’s Double Weekender

ArthurArthur is our Lead Youth worker and will also be running the British Vitality 10k. He, however, for some mad reason has decided to pair this with a Triathlon which he will be taking part in the following weekend (No rest for the wicked). Arthur has fundraised for us before by taking part in the sky dive team and also ran tough mudder for charity. He wanted to step it up this year to be worthy of your donations. Check out his page here and help him get some more money in!

Power of Boxing Carney’s Dragon Boat Team

DragonOn Sunday July 17th, an intrepid team of 16 “aspiring” paddlers and a drummer will take to the River Thames and exercise their boxing muscle, gained through months of training both in and outside of the boxing ring (yikes!). We’ll soon find out if there are links between boxing and paddling! Racing against over 50 teams representing other charities, our team supporting Carney’s Community will battle it out over 3 heats on the 250m course along the river, vying to take home the Challenge Cup in an action-packed 8-boat final. Here we’ll learn whether all those months of pad-work and skipping have paid off! Check out their fundraising pages here and here.