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Bradley SkeeteWe are honoured to have current British and Commonwealth Welterweight champion, Bradley Skeete, as the first official patron of Carney’s Community.

Brad is a fantastic role model to all young boxers. He started his boxing career at the great Earlsfield ABC, under the tutorage of Sid Khan. Sid taught Brad how to box, but more importantly how to be a positive role model, who never forgets his roots.

Brad went on to have a successful amateur career, where he was an ABA national finalist and represented England on a number of occasions. During this time Brad would often volunteer for Carney’s on Friday evenings.

Since turning pro Brad has remained embedded in the community and often attends Earlsfield and Carney’s events. He has supported Carney’s Community since our launch and continues to mentor some of our participants, always going above and beyond, to give them feedback and support.

Thank you Brad!

Bradley Skeete with Carney's Community coaches and participants

Bradley Skeete with Carney’s Community coaches and participants