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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update – 18 March 2020

By March 18, 2020August 21st, 2021No Comments

Dear all,

I appreciate that recent times with the pandemic of COVID-19 has been an extremely difficult period for you everyone, personally and professionally.   So I am writing to inform you that we, at Carney’s Community, are taking it extremely seriously and are constantly assessing the risk, along with assessing the risk of the other factors that impact on some of our participants (eg stress, mental health, physical health and abuse).   We also have to prepare for the fact that we will undoubtedly be short staffed in coming weeks, with the possibility of them showing symptoms and self isolating as well as child care issues, should schools close.  With all this in mind, our current plan, with regards to sessions is:

  • Community Boxing sessions (Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings and Saturday lunch time), for the time being, will go on as usual.  Participants will be stopped at the door and screened for whether they have had a cough or high temperature in recent weeks and if they live with someone who has health issues (including a cough or high temperature),  is pregnant or is over the age of 70.  If they answer yes, they will be asked to go home, in order to reduce the risk for themselves, staff, their family members and other participants.  Those who answer no will then have to go straight to the bathroom to wash their hands prior to boxing.  Then each time they use the gloves they will be wiped down and all will have to wash hands when they leave the boxing session.
  • Carney’s Coaches (Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday midday) sessions will all stop from now until further notice
  • One to one personal training sessions will still be allowed as long as they pass the screening test, have their own gloves and are booked in with one of the coaches.
  • Drop in Youth club and Fit and Fed program (Monday and Wednesday evenings) will go ahead with the same screening and cleanliness requirements, with hand washing before food is consumed as well.
  • Yoga sessions will stop from now.
  • We will also be doing other, invite only activities/sessions with specific participants, so if that is you, please contact the lead staff member for confirmation.

It is likely that things will change on a regular basis, so please remain in contact for future updates.  You should also risk assess individually, as to whether you feel it is safe for you or your family member to come down to our centre.  Please be assured that we have increased the amount of cleaning done at the centre, with it being cleaned prior to all large sessions.  We have antibacterial spray and plenty of soap and water to keep everyone who attends safe.  Please also ensure you and your families follow the government guidelines

In the meantime please be aware that other people in our community will be suffering more than usual now, so if you are in a position to be able to offer support, without putting yourself at risk, we would encourage that you please do so. 

If you have accessed Carney’s Community Centre, or interacted with a staff member in the last 14 days and have recently tested positive for COVID-19 we ask that you contact us immediately so we can put safety precautions in for all of those that may have come into contact with you.

I will send further updates as and when is necessary and can be contacted on 02072280506 or at  If you would like to be updated via our newsletter please sign up here  We will also be updating situations on our Instagram story, as well as access to online work outs on

Many thanks,

George Turner

CEO Carney’s Community