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Children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds have suffered more than most during the covid-19 pandemic. We’ve seen them miss out on education, suffer with their mental health due to isolation, worry and grief, and endure more domestic abuse and increased poverty. This winter, we’re starting to see the impact of a number of factors – furlough has ended, and the universal credit uplift removed, and now with rising prices, the situation for vulnerable young people is likely to get even worse.

All this has the potential to leave a lifelong impact on young people, unless we intervene.

We are seeing the need for more intensive work with young people in the aftermath of the pandemic. Particularly for those who’ve been involved in the criminal justice system already, or with social services because of problems at home. Coming to Carney’s, young people have a source of consistent, non-judgemental support; they can build their confidence, mental and physical wellbeing and other skills, to help them get back on track with their lives.

Carney’s Youth Crime Prevention Programme 3

“Carney’s is one of the only services that offers stability and real change by providing a service that the young person can rely on for a long-time. Carney’s is different.”


Right now, we’re working hard to re-engage young people in positive and constructive activities. We know that exercise produces feel-good hormones, which are a good alternative to illegal drugs and reduce aggression. We’re supporting young people to rebuild, helping to reduce stress and providing an outlet for frustration and worry. We provide somewhere safe to be, and a continued sense of belonging.

In 2022 we hope to expand our programme of key work, which provides intensive 1:1 support for the most vulnerable young people. This work focuses on those worst affected by adverse childhood experiences, or who have been involved in criminal activity. Your funds will support programmes like these which are helping young people get their lives back on track after the impact of the last two years.

Carney’s Youth Crime Prevention Programme 2

“It’s developed me into a better person and has motivated me to never give up when things get hard”


We do not currently have enough resources to provide key work to all those who would benefit from it. There are young people with multiple complex issues who need more intensive support than we can provide. Here’s an example of someone we’d like to support further:

One young man with special educational needs has experienced family breakdown at home along with emotional neglect. He’s been misusing substances and recently became involved with gangs which has resulted in multiple arrests and an impending court case. We want to support this young man to cope with these ongoing problems and particularly his mental health which has taken a turn for the worse.

“You guys are always open, when something bad is happening at my house I can talk to you about it.”

Carney’s Youth Crime Prevention Programme

In 2020 we asked young people what they get from coming to Carney’s, and they told us:

  • They come to Carney’s to stay safe (37%)
  • Carney’s helps reduce their feelings of anger (70%)
  • They’ve grown in confidence (80%)
  • They feel physically healthier (87%)
  • They feel better about themselves and their future (93%)
  • And they’ve reduced or stopped offending behaviour (67%)

You can make a difference, by donating today, providing us with vital funds so we can continue supporting vulnerable young people to recover from this crisis. You can give today here. Thanks to our generous pledger and The Childhood Trust, all donations up to £6,000 will be match funded, so donate now and DOUBLE the value of your gift.