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Our centreOver the last year we have been helping a number of our participants to gain qualifications in boxing tutoring and gym qualifications. We have also been able to support a number of them into personal training jobs. This year we are looking to take that one step further and set up our own Carney’s Community personal training social enterprise. 

All the trainers will be Carney’s Community participants and all the profits will either be invested back into the charity, or invested into providing more qualifications to increase the amount of personal trainers we have working in the social enterprise.

This has a number of benefits, firstly it provides paid work for some of our participants and also training and qualifications that will enable them to start their own careers outside Carney’s Community, and it will also help us take a step towards being more self-sustainable and less reliant on grants and funding.

If you think that you might be able to help with the setting up of the social enterprise in any way (via your expertise or something else), or if you think you might be interested in hiring a personal trainer for yourself, please contact us.