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parksport2015There are various opportunities this August to work up a sweat, get fit, learn new skills (and have fun). Why not pop along to Sport in the Park or dare to try the Carney’s Boot Camp!

Summer events

Sport in the Park (Battersea Summer Scheme, £1 entry):
11.30am – 4.30pm , 4 -7 August, 2015, Millennium Arena, Battersea Park. Visit us at our boxing stall and try out our brand new pop-up boxing ring.

Carney's Boot CampCarney’s Boot Camp (free):
11-18yo, 10-21 August, 2015, Carney’s Community Centre. There will be prizes and free refreshments for those that attend.

Get Fit Fast:
Every Saturday from 1.30pm to 2.30pm for 7-11yo at Carney’s Community Centre.

Also, regular Carney’s Community boxing sessions continue to run at our centre every Monday and Wednesday 5pm – 6.30pm for 11-17yo and 6.30pm – 8pm for 18+.