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The last year has had a big impact on us all. For young people in general, this crisis has dealt a disproportionate blow, affecting their lives in every way. They have experienced economic and social challenges, struggling to find work and maintain relationships. Not seeing friends has a big impact on young people’s development and many have reported feeling lonely and isolated. The charity Young Minds found that 67% of young people believe that the pandemic will have a long-term negative effect on their mental health. Many are feeling worried about the future. Some feel hopeless.

“You guys are always open, when something bad is happening at my house I can talk to you about it.”  

For the young people we work with at Carney’s Community, already chaotic lives have suddenly turned upside down. Many of these young people are living with a number of problems, including neglect, violence at home, mental or physical health issues, disability, addictions, family breakdown and abuse. Being unable to leave their homes for long periods has intensified these problems and made already difficult home situations worse.

“If I’m here I’m not on the roads. If I had nothing to do, I could possibly be a gang member. It’s keeping me preoccupied and being fed as well.”

Coming to Carney’s Community gives young people a safe space to be, somewhere they can learn new skills and develop the confidence and wellbeing they need for a happy, healthy future whilst being supported by positive role models. Before the pandemic, we worked with around 600 young people a year, and as our programs start to open up again, we want to reach out to all those who need us.


Over the last year, we’ve continued our work with young people, adapting to provide services in line with the ever changing restrictions. Now as we start to open our centre again fully, we’re here for young people with:

  • Weekly boxing fitness sessions, to support participant’s physical and mental health and engage them in positive activities;
    • Our Fit & Fed programme provides a free and nutritious cooked meal for every young person after a workout, so no-one goes home hungry;
    • A growing youth work programme including bike maintenance, online cooking classes, tutoring and our music studio;
    • Chances for young people to get their voices heard on the issues that matter to them, such as this session below with our local MP about racism;
    • 1:1 and group mentoring and key work support, to provide practical and emotional support with a wide range of challenges facing our participants.


In the coming months, we will continue our work, with some of the most disadvantaged members of our community, to help them recover from the impacts of lockdown. We work with them on their mental and physical wellbeing, to keep out of trouble, to improve their relationships and communication skills. We help them to get ready for work and we’re there to support them when things go wrong. We absolutely rely on donations from our community, to keep this work going.

You can make a difference, by donating today, providing us with vital funds so we can continue supporting vulnerable young people to recover from this crisis. You can give it today here. Thanks to our generous sponsors, all donations up to £10,000 will be match-funded, so donate now and DOUBLE the value of your gift.

If you’ve been able to save a little extra this year, from your commute or going out less, why not consider investing a small amount in the future of a young person in our community? Donate what you can afford here. Any amount will make a huge difference to Carney’s Community and our young people, as we get back on our feet again.


All best wishes,

George Turner


“I didn’t have a positive school life, I didn’t get to do my GCSEs and I didn’t have a purpose. Now coming here, I know I do have a purpose. Helping others and seeing people’s achievements show me my purpose.”

“Coming to these sessions every week has helped me get into a routine and to get ready for work.”