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Cyle & Nick

We are thrilled to announce that Good Guys Decorating – set up by two Carney’s participants – is due to be launched officially at Battersea Power Station on the 12th of July.

Good Guys Decorating is a community focused painting and decorating business we have been supporting through its development. It has been set up by Cyle Carth & Nick Lynch, who have both overcome major challenges in their lives, wanted to move themselves onwards and upwards, whilst putting something back into their community.

For each house they paint, they will paint the bedroom of someone living in poverty or with a mental health condition for free, whilst also educating them on how to maintain their property.

You can see what an impact they have on some of our most disadvantaged participants with the before and after pics of their most recent community job. They have also been kind enough to teach some of our young people the basics of painting and decorating and even have a celebrity endorsement from Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Jamieson!

The work Cyle and Nick are doing is admirable.  They recognise the need for support and inclusion in mental health and have first hand experience in this.

I want to show my full support for their project and have great respect for their goals to improve their own lives and the lives of others.

Let’s all make a difference together, show your support.

Good luck!

Michael Jamieson, Olympic and Commonwealth Silver Medallist

Please give them a follow and check out their website, follow them on social media at @goodguysdecorating and look out for their official launch exhibition, at Battersea Power Station from 12th July.

The Good Guys would like to thank Carney’s Community, Battersea Power Station, Issoria, Leaders Quest, Selco, Leyland, Laureus, Live Karma Yoga, Power of Boxing and all the individuals who have supported them through their process. Good Guys Decorating – There’s two sides to our brush.

Before and After!