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Crisis of MasculinityCarney’s Community co-founders George Turner and Mark Reigate appeared on the Channel 4 news at 7 on 15 May 2013 to discuss the decline of masculinity in current society.

The debate came about due to a speech made by Labour’s Diane Abbott, in which she stated:

Tomorrow, too many British men and boys will wake up isolated and misdirected by a boundless consumer outlook, economic instability and whirlwind social change. Tomorrow, too many British men and boys who need the space and support to talk about manhood, expectations and boundaries from an early age, at schools, with other boys, and with their parents will remain silent.

George highlighted the importance of positive male role models (in particular fathers) to model appropriate behaviour and teach young boys the correct type of morals and values. However, the sad truth is that many fathers shirk this responsibility, so it is left to organisations, such as Carney’s Community, to take on this role.

Carney’s Community seeks to take on the role of a positive parent, offering participants long term, consistent and unconditional support. Along side this support, they work closely with sports and youth clubs that, not only allow their young people to demonstrate their masculinity in a positive way, such as through the sport of boxing fitness training. Whilst also offering young men (and women) a safe place to spend their time and an arena to be able to discuss their roles and what is and is not acceptable behaviour.

Originally posted in May 2013, reposted for website update