RE: Carney’s Community sessions at Fitzroy Lodge Boxing Club

The P.E department at Westminster City School were looking for a way to expand the options available to the pupils in Y11 games and Y10 GCSE P.E. After talking to Carney’s Community about the options available to the school, we embarked on a 6 week trail. We were suitably impressed with the facility and straight talking coaches; this then extended to a further 2 terms and will continue into 2014.

The Boxing teaches children discipline, self-control, improves their concentration and promotes social inclusion. Like many physical activities is also boosts fitness level, keeps pupils active, boosts, self-esteem and improves confidence levels. Pupils are also taught the importance of respecting others as well as instilling respect. The pupils are allowed to practice jabs and hooks on a heavily padded coach or punch bags but are not permitted to hit each other. It has proved to be a great way for the pupils to raise their attainment in PE.

Mr George Coogan, Teacher of Physical Education