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There was a special moment last week, where all of the staff felt incredibly humbled by the kind words and recognition from one of our dedicated younger participants Josh. It is in moments like these, where we are offered an insight that demonstrates the importance within our service, and also how much it is appreciated.

It is moments like this, where gratitude is shown that we are pleasantly reminded that all of our hard work and team efforts are paying off.


We also received this message from a boxing class participant:

Dear Team, I would like to convey my thanks to the instructor from last night’s boxing class at Carney Community Centre. Unfortunately I did not get his name but it was Wednesday 8.15 pm class. He was fantastic – I do not know how he kept all the class happy but he did. I am an older woman attending for the first time, there were young men there who are obviously at a very different level and have completely different needs to me but I believe he fulfilled everyone’s wishes. He did not make me feel out of place, he was patient and kind and I have nothing but praise for him. In addition, he somehow made it fun, well kind of! Thank you – you have really empowered me and I am very grateful. Thank you.