Alice Jhugroo

Facilities Manager

Alice first came to Carney’s as a participant in 2017 to support her own health and personal wellbeing. She found the coaches amazing and the boxing sessions helped her connect to her own resilience. Alice says she is now incredibly proud to work in such an inspiring setting for an organization that promotes opportunities and inclusiveness at every turn.

Alice has worked in both the voluntary and private sector supporting young people and their families, in areas such as mental health, sexual exploitation, child protection, young people in care, domestic violence, substance misuse, and family breakdowns. Before joining Carney’s Community, Alice managed a provision for young teenage mothers which supported and nurtured them through education and inclusiveness. As a teenage mother herself, this project was very close to her heart as she knew firsthand that this journey was not an easy one.

Alice has a degree in Education from Roehampton University. This further fuelled her interest in the much-debated topic of, how social class can have dramatic impacts on one’s access to opportunity and equality. To explore this more, she focused her dissertation on ‘father’s parental involvement and access within their children’s education. Alice found that social inequalities played a key role in young people’s life circumstances and outcomes. This motivated her to actively work in a setting that supports disadvantaged young people and their families.

After graduating, Alice turned down an offer to stay on at Roehampton to begin a Master’s in Education Management. She felt that whilst education is paramount, education alone is not enough. Alice wanted the opportunity to help others as others had helped her so that they could be empowered to be the best versions of themselves. This ultimately, she believes is what makes her also be the best version of herself.