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Summer GiveUpdate 15th June: We are ecstatic to announce that we have exceeded our target of £10,000 via ‘The Summer Give’ and raised £21,743! We would like to thank each and everyone of you, for your support and generosity.

Your Donations Double with the ‘Summer Big Give Challenge’

We have been lucky enough to have been accepted to take part in the ‘Summer Big Give Challenge’, the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign, to raise funds to fund our intensive one-to-one and sessional based mentoring with disadvantaged young people.

What this means is, any donations made to Carney’s Community during Monday 11th June – Midday Friday the 15th June, will be matched and doubled by the big give, doubling the impact on any generous donations you choose to make. That’s one donation with twice the punching power!

All we ask, if that if you were considering donating to Carney’s, however big or small, whether it be this Summer or sometime in the future, that you might wish to donate during giving week at the URL below to double the impact of your donation on the work we do here on the ground, at no extra cost to yourselves!

In order to double your donation, please go to:

anytime between Monday 11th June – Midday Friday the 15th June to make your donation and it will be doubled! 

Check out this TV news report featuring Carney’s and our vital work and reporting the drop in council spending on youth services:

As an independent charity we receive no governmental or statutory funding and are therefore reliant on your generous donations that have kept us running in the past, and kept us able to continue working with the most disadvantaged and hard to reach in our society and our community. 

Last year your donations funded us to work with 496 participants (over 61% deemed as at risk) on their journey to ‘be the best they can be’.  Just three years ago the number of young people we worked with in a year was closer to 150. We simply would not have been able to grow and increase the spectrum of our services like we have without continued support from our donors like you.

We thank you in advance for any generous donations you might choose to make, and for making this Summer a special one for the most disadvantaged in our community.