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Aviva Community FundThe Aviva Community Fund is offering you the chance to secure funding for Carney’s Community.

It is simple and free to vote for us. Your vote could help us develop our boxing sessions and one-to-one work with disadvantaged young people. You just need an email address and it is open to everyone, not just Aviva customers.

How to vote:

  1. click on this link;
  2. click on “not yet registered”;
  3. in the top right hand corner put in your name and email address;
  4. click register;
  5. activate your account by clicking on the link Aviva sends you; and
  6. then cast your vote/s for Carney’s Community.

Please also tell your friends and share this link to get us as many votes as possible.

If Carney’s Community secures enough votes, we could be entered into the Finals, where a judging panel will award the funds.

Thank you!

Carney's Aviva Fund