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Booky and SachmoA number of Carney’s Community participants are looking to set up their own social enterprise businesses. Not only are these participants looking to set up their own money making ideas, they are keen to incorporate a way to help other young, disadvantaged people in the community, and keep the good work of Carney’s going through their own projects.

At the moment they are all looking for funding for their ideas and projects, and we would like to help them achieve the necessary requirements to set up their community projects in partnership with Carney’s Community.


Our Participants Booky and Sachmo both have a history of getting in with the wrong crowd and suffering the consequences, but have successfully turned their lives around. They both already volunteer their time with Carney’s Community as boxing coaches and Booky is currently studying law at the open university. Together they have come up with their business idea ‘Diaitia’. In their words:

Diaitia is a healthy fast food restaurant alternative which aims at promoting healthy eating and catering for the needs of those who are looking to live a healthy lifestyle e.g. those who go to the gym but find it hard to have a diet that consist of the right foods. It is the aim of Diaitia to provide not just a product and services that deals with the masses but also one that caters to individuals needs.

They aim to be set up in permanent premises within 12 months, offering fast, affordable and most importantly healthy food. Part of Diaitia’s business plan is to work hand in hand with charities such as ours to provide jobs and training for people struggling to find employment. They also plan to offer workshops to schools, businesses and youth club to spread awareness of healthy eating benefits and tackle the obesity epidemic in the UK.

SunnieSupreme Sounds

Sunnie has been working with Carney’s Community now for a number of years, turning his life around and away from crime. He has a passion for music, and wants to give back to the community and other underpriviledged youths by sharing this passion. As he says:

All people are born with the potential to become musical. With inappropriate or limited music experiences in the early years, children consistently lose their intuitions for thinking tunes, feeling rhythms and responding to expressiveness in music.

This is the basis for Sunnie’s new social enterprise, ‘Supreme Sounds’. The business will offer courses which will enhance core elements that sit within the National Curriculum, whilst also enhancing social and developmental skills. The courses will focus on improvement of many things, including Positive Behaviour, Language, Enhanced Thinking skills, Literacy and will include special education needs.

Sunnie is dedicated to giving back to the community through his passion, music. The course will be inclusive and run to help underprivileged youths to improve their skills and explore themselves. If you would like to find out more about Sunnie’s project supreme sounds, or donate to help fund his cause, please visit his indiegogo site here.