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SkydiveCarney’s Community staff and participants will be taking part in a team skydive on Tuesday 9 June to raise money for our work. We are steadying our nerves before the big jump next week!

Aside from having a bit of fun, we want to make this skydive as worthwhile as possible. So we are hoping that you might part with some of your hard earned money to give us a bit of motivation, and support our work all at the same time!

Some of the jumpers below would particularly appreciate some last minute help to push up their donations. You can also visit the Carney’s Community team skydive fundraising page and see all those who are jumping here!


Junior has been working with Carney’s Community for a number of years. Since getting our help after his release from prison, Junior now regularly volunteers for us at our boxing sessions where he puts our young people through their paces. He has also taken part in a charity boxing match to raise money for us and he is setting up his own personal training social enterprise. You can visit Junior’s fundraising page to donate here


JP has been working with Carney’s Community since he came out of prison and decided to turn his life around. He now works for Nike as a sports ambassador and also with Carney’s Community as a mentor. He also regularly volunteers at our boxing sessions and is in partnership with Junior to set up a personal training social enterprise ‘Three Word Fitness.’ JP is keen to raise money for Carney’s so we can help other young people like we helped him. You can check out his fundraising page and donate here!


WarrenThis is Warren, and we’ll leave it to him to tell you why he is jumping!

“It was all too easy to embrace the lifestyle I grew up in. By year 9 I had been kicked out of school, never to return to mainstream education. I got involved with drugs and gangs and I ended up in jail. It was the wake-up call I needed, my son was three at the time and I knew I wanted to be a role model and not a failure. Before my arrest I thought I had everything but I didn’t realise how fragile it was. When I came out of Jail, I received a lot of support from charities such as Carney’s Community and Regenerate. They offered me the chance to join a team of good, supportive people. To get involved and help me find employment. I now work as an electrician for the local council, and I work with Aspire to be Great visiting local schools doing talks and gang workshops, trying to put something back into the community, and educating youths on the reality of gang life, and helping them to see the bigger picture. I am raising funds for Carney’s so that they can continue to help other young people like they helped me. I volunteer a lot of my time, but they need money to help the community as well, and that is why I am jumping!”

You can visit Warren’s fundraising page and donate here!