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Zane Irvine and Carney's CommunityWe have to say a big thanks to one of the Carney’s Community great volunteers. Zane Irvine got involved with Carney’s Community by volunteering at our Friday evening boxing session, at Earlsfield ABC. During these sessions he helped to teach boxing fitness techniques and mentored a number of our participants. Zane then went on to challenge himself into getting into the Marines. Unsurprisingly, to us, his commitment paid off and achieving this, in itself, helped to demonstrate to our other participants that if you work hard enough at something, no matter how challenging it is, it will pay off.

Para 10 runAs if this were not enough Zane decided to challenge himself even further, by undertaking the infamous PARA’s 10, a 10 mile run in Marine Uniform boots, carrying 35lbs on his back (unfortunately for Zane, his maths is not as good as his commitment to hard work, so he ended up carrying 41 pounds). He decided he was going to try and get sponsored to complete this task and that all money raised would go to supporting Carney’s Community.

Explaining why he supports Carney’s Community, Zane said:

I as a young man, have always been very involved in sport and I think the set up of this charity to engage young people in a sport is very positive. It would be great if they could receive the funding to be able to set up in key areas and improve the lives of the young that, without Carney’s, may find themselves in bad situations that they are unable, for whatever reason, to walk away from.

The time limit for this run was 3 hours, but Zane managed to complete it in an impressive 2:24! So, from everyone at Carney’s Community, we’d like to show our thanks to our participant, volunteer, role model, funder and Marine, Zane Irvine.

Originally posted 2012, reposted for website update