Giz Chu

Lead Coach

Giz joined Carneys in 2012 after he met with George Turner and helped him set up a boxing program for young people at Carneys Community.

Since joining Carneys Giz has mentored and supported many young people in their boxing journey and has helped them use boxing as a way to promote self-discipline and self-control.

He believes this is not just in relation to the sport but will be beneficial in all aspects of their lives and to help them focus their energy on positiveness.

Before joining Carneys Giz was supporting the local community by doing voluntary work, teaching young people boxing, it was through this that he found his passion in teaching the sport.

He met Mick Carney when he started to box for Fitzroy Lodge, which helped grow his confidence enabling him to compete in amateur boxing competitions. Meeting Mick and understanding his passion and vision has inspired Giz to be more determined in making a difference (with the help of Carneys) and to bring Mick’s vision to life.

Throughout his time at Carney’s, Giz has had the opportunity to work with some big corporate companies like Laureus World Sport and HSBC allowing them to understand the core values Carney’s has and how boxing can help impact not only their everyday life and wellbeing but also for young people within their own community.

Boxing is such a passion for Giz that it doesn’t just stop at Carney’s, he also volunteers and supports boxing organizations like Fight for Change, Power Boxing, and School of Hard Knocks. He has been privileged to meet and work alongside Prince Harry, Anthony Joshua, Nicola Adams, and many more. This same passion pushed Giz to gain qualifications in boxing levels 1 and 2. He is also a qualified level 1 and 2 Gym Instructor.

Giz is a well-respected member of Carneys Community and is more than just a coach. He often key works and mentors some of the young participants ensuring they are on the right path in life and have someone they can come to and trust.

He has been a true ambassador for Carneys and is often seen representing and promoting them at events like Aim High, Battersea Summer Scheme, Wandsworth Get Active to name a few. He is a well-known, liked, and respected member of the Carneys Community as well as the wider community.