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Academic year of 2019- 2020

We want to help support our participants with an equality of opportunities within their educational achievements- to help to close the attainment gaps by means such as 1-2-1 tutoring support for our young people on low incomes, and through providing equipment for them to study with. As community, lets come together to support our young people to be the very best that that can be- can you help by volunteering as a tutor on our Tutor Project?

The project:

Carney’s Community is always aiming to offer more support to its young people and help them to become the best they can be. We have found that the pressures of school, particularly in year 11 (GCSEs), can be overwhelming for our young people, who tend not to have a lot of academic support beyond the school gates. Only half of fifteen-year olds from disadvantaged backgrounds receive regular help with their homework compared to two thirds from more advantaged backgrounds. Bright, disadvantaged students are particularly unsupported.

Only 30% of disadvantaged students receive 5 good GCSE passes compared to 60% of their advantaged peers.

Consequently, this Tutor Project has been initiated to help steer our young people through the academic challenge of next year and improve their prospects going forward.

Each volunteer tutor will be matched with a young person we feel they will be suited to work with, based on their experience and competencies. Our young people have a diverse array of needs and will each require a bespoke approach from the tutors, so we will also endeavor to support the tutors throughout the project to ensure the relationships flourish.

The process:

Our centre will host organised study sessions, in which tutoring will take place. If tutors are unable to make these sessions, they may arrange to meet their student in an agreed public space. The timeline of commitment will be:

  • September 2019 – Easter 2020- one 60-90 minute session per fortnight
  • Easter 2020 – June 2020 – one 60-90 minute session per week


The project will aim to increase the outcome grade of each young person’s final exam results, in comparison to their predicted grade, by at least one grade boundary. This work will of course be undertaken alongside regular schoolwork the students will undertake, so a direct correlation will be impossible to make out, though an improved grade will be an enormous success regardless.

Additionally, through regular feedback from young people and students, as well as our youth workers’ observations, the level of engagement from the students will be clear. We know our young people well already and we hope to see an improvement in their engagement with learning and in their motivation for taking their GCSEs seriously.

If you would like to volunteer please contact our Lead Youth Worker Rory Bradshaw at:

Thank you!