Yoga sessions are held fortnightly at Carney’s Community Centre. Mats are available, so just bring water and an open mind.

When: Thursdays at 7:30pm

Cost: Freehowever donations are greatly appreciated 🙂

“I found it harder than the boxing!”
– George Turner on his first Yoga session.

Yoga has a many benefits, which include: enhanced flexibility; developing physical, mental and emotional strength; teaching the importance of breathing and how to utilise breathing to support physical activity; aids physical detoxification, reduction of blood pressure and increased blood flow; aids recovery, rehabilitation and injury whether physical or mental / emotional; increases positive self-awareness, mindfulness and esteem; builds muscle strength and supports physical posture; supports balance between increasing energy levels, calming the nervous system and contribution to a better sleep; protects cartilage and joint breakdown; improves balance; strengthens focusboosts immunity; and helps to achieve a happierhealthier and more peaceful state of mind.

The sessions are delivered by Behaviour Specialist and Youth Worker Zara Pittman who, after trying a few boxing sessions, saw the similarities with Yoga and how much the two could compliment one another.

Zara runs her own business, Love Yogi which focuses on using Yoga and mindfulness as a tool for helping others. She also runs the Outreach Programme at The House of Yoga, Putney – a project that focuses on providing Yoga to those who have limited access but also as a way to break down barriers and encourage the importance of community.

For more info on LoveYogi please follow:

Or visit:

The House of Yoga

  • Tuesdays, 7pm @ The House of Yoga
  • Thursdays, 10am @ The House of Yoga
  • Fridays, 5.30pm @ The House of Yoga

Or TRC, Alma road, Wandsworth Town

  • Saturdays, 10 am @ Wandsworth Town