Sheila, our in-house counsellor, provides one-to-one work and family therapy for Carney’s Community participants. She has worked for a number of years as a therapist for the Probation Service. The Probation Service refers people to Carney’s Community for counselling and support regarding their offending behaviour. Referral forms are available from our office or email sheila@carneyscommunity.wpsc.site

Family Mediation and Support

TurnerJohnson Family Mediation offers pro bono support for separating or separated couples who are Carney’s Community participants. This can include help with financial and child arrangements such as developing parenting plans and agreeing contact arrangements and child support.

The help and support provided by both Sheila and Carney’s team have helped me achieve my goals and to understand where I went wrong and how to move forward. Thank you so much. I feel that I have been given such good individual help and I don’t know where I would have got it from if not for Carneys.       Sarah

Carney’s is such a great resource for service users; it’s easy to refer into, the level of communication with staff is perfect, they’re friendly and feedback is always provided, the service users tell me they enjoy both the group sessions and one to one available, a fantastic little community!”      A Probation Officer