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This month's boxing awards were given to Luke, Ahmed, Kervon and Yahya.

Each of them received a Carney's Community t-shirt to recognise their commitment to the boxing sessions and the positive attitude they have brought to our community. Well done to the four of them!

Rollapaluza visited our Wednesday boxing session on 9th May and we had a hugely enjoyable evening of boxing and bike racing.

The two fastest young people are pictured. Keyon (left) blew away the competition to take first place.

George shared the community spirit of Carney's Community on a Leaders' Quest tip to Detroit. ...continue reading "George in Detroit with Leaders’ Quest"

Summer GiveOver the years, we have relied on the generosity and kindness of our supporters to carry out the essential work we do in the community. This summer, as part of the Childhood Trust's Summer Give, we are doing a jam-packed fundraising week from 11th-15th June.  ...continue reading "Funds Pledged by 4th May to be Matched by Childhood Trust"

This month we were invited to Wimbledon Tennis Club to celebrate it's 150th anniversary. Our staff and young people re-enacted a photo of the club's founding members, who seemingly didn't know how to smile!