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Check out this fantastic film ‘Born A Believer’ about Carney’s Community

Check out this fantastic film 'Born A Believer' about Carney's Community by Darius Norowzian:

BORN A BELIEVER from Darius Norowzian on Vimeo.

Darius's debut documentary is told through the eyes of five emotionally engaging ex-offenders who belong to Carney's Community. It not only gives an insight into the troubles of post-gang life but also highlights how vital our work is in preventing ex-gang members slipping back into their old ways.

The doc has an original score by Zach Nahome alongside the original track ‘Born A believer’ composed for the film by Jonathan Goldstein with lyrics and vocals from prominent UK rapper, Essa. Jonathan Goldstein: Essa:

Check out the website at and the Facebook page at