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MPs take up boxingMPs today took to the ring at Fitzroy Lodge Amateur Boxing Club at a 'boxing taster session' organised by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Boxing.

The taster session was to introduce MPs to the work of amateur boxing clubs, highlight the social benefits of boxing, and enable MPs to get out of the bubble of Westminster into the real world. ...continue reading "MPs take to the ring at Fitzroy Lodge Amateur Boxing Club"

Zane Irvine and Carney's CommunityWe have to say a big thanks to one of the Carney’s Community great volunteers. Zane Irvine got involved with Carney’s Community by volunteering at our Friday evening boxing session, at Earlsfield ABC. During these sessions he helped to teach boxing fitness techniques and mentored a number of our participants. Zane then went on to challenge himself into getting into the Marines. Unsurprisingly, to us, his commitment paid off and achieving this, in itself, helped to demonstrate to our other participants that if you work hard enough at something, no matter how challenging it is, it will pay off. ...continue reading "Paras 10"

Knockout ScousersGeorge Turner, along with three Carney's Community members, joined the panel for the "Boxing: I Prevent a Riot" debate at the channel 4 studios.

This event was staged by Channel 4 and the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Boxing to discuss some of the issues that will be raised in a forthcoming documentary about boxing called "Knockout Scousers". ...continue reading "Boxing: I Prevent a Riot"

Offender filmA group of Carney's Community's members appear in the feature film 'Offender'.

The film was written with the collaboration and consultation of Carney's Community, specifically, Cyle Carth.

Details about the film are available at: Revolver Entertainment

Originally posted in 2012, reposted for website update

London riotsCarney's Community young people participated in a work shop that attempted to break down the barriers between police and young people, as a response to the London riots.

Throughout the workshop is was clear that our members felt frustrated from previous interactions with the police. However, they raised very valid points and challenged in a positive and constructive manner. ...continue reading "Wandsworth think tank to bridge gap between youth and police"