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Our people

George Turner
George Turner

George Turner, Chief Executive

George has worked for over 10 years for both local government and voluntary agencies, engaging disadvantaged young people and their families.

In this time he has specialised in gang work, youth justice, child protection, young people in care, mediation, substance misuse, prevention of violent extremism, family breakdown, crime prevention, mental health, sexual exploitation, employment, education and training, youth participation, parenting and project development.

This breadth of experience means that George fully understands the problems that some young people can encounter and is well-placed to develop a programme that deals with the many issues that they face.

George is inspired by the achievements made by a number of his young people and counts his main skills as identifying young people’s strengths and offering them consistent, unconditional support to be positive and valued members of their local community.

George has a degree in Sociology and Criminology and a diploma in Learning Development and Support Services, as well as numerous qualifications in substance misuse, parenting, youth work and two Borough Commander Commendations for working with disadvantaged young people and project development.

Mark Reigate
Mark Reigate (left)

Mark Reigate, Head Coach

Mark is an ex-boxer with over 100 amateur bouts under his belt. He has been working as a boxing coach with young people for more than 10 years. He is currently Head Coach at Fitzroy Lodge Amateur Boxing Club (ABC), where he trains the senior boxers, runs the club and organises both charity and open boxing shows/dinners.

Mark has seen how the interaction and focus that being involved in a structured training programme, and particularly the discipline involved in boxing has changed many young people’s lives. Mark himself feels that boxing saved him from a downward spiral into a life of crime, so has a particular passion for engaging troubled and disadvantaged young people in boxing fitness. In doing so, he has delivered training sessions and mentoring to young people who are out of education employment and training, have learning difficulties and behavioural problems, those on the edge of care and gang members.

Mark prides himself on being able to deliver fun training sessions, which provide the young people with an outlet and an opportunity to build their own self confidence and self -esteem, whilst also giving them the opportunity to experience the discipline that is required when engaging in boxing training.

Mark has also been involved in coaching numerous celebrities for both charities and films. Daniel Day Lewis, Jack Osbourne and Ben Shephard, to name but a few. He is also qualified as an ABA senior level three coach and can deliver the boxing tutor awards and he is a qualified youth worker and mentor.

Arthur Clark (right)

Arthur Clark, Carney’s Community Lead Youth Worker

Arthur joined Carney’s community when he started volunteering for us in February 2014. He quickly became our Centre Manager and held that post for a year before becoming  Lead Youth Worker.

Arthur is a graduate of the University of Manchester and has a first class degree in Criminology. In his dissertation he wrote about the 2011 Summer Riots, which he compared against the 1980 Brixton riots, and the police and government responses  in both instances. He was highly critical of the institutional responses to crime and offending and highlighted the lack of progress when it comes to offending. Arthur's desire to effect change and work towards a better future for everyone led him to Carney's Community. Disenchanted with governmental bodies, Arthur turned down a place on the National Probation graduate scheme to work with us.

Arthur likes to keep fit in his spare time, and has even dabbled with boxing. It’s not unusual to see him leaving Fitzroy Lodge with a black eye or two, muttering something along the lines of, ‘you should see the other guy.’


Carney's Community is governed by a board of Trustees.